Moving Families Forward Since 1988
Services Provided
  • Access to higher education and/or career training
  • Weekly life skills workshops
  • Monthly support groups
  • Intensive case management meetings, weekly, with Family Advocate
  • Network of community resources
  • Volunteer mentoring
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Custody of one or more minor children
  • Homeless or imminently at risk of homelessness
  • Income of 30% of AMI or less
  • Willing and able to pursue education or job training
  • Able to provide proof of income
  • Working or diligently pursuing employment
  • Frederick County resident
  • Eligible for public housing

Advocates for Homeless Families . . .

  • Assists homeless and at-risk families in achieving success and self-sufficiency
  • Operates two major programs, a transitional housing program and a program to help families in economic crisis from losing their homes.
  • Provides services to families only, not individuals.
  • Makes up to a two-year commitment to each family and serves any family unit that meets eligibility requirements.

If you or your family needs help from Advocates, please contact us at 301-662-2003

Impact Statement

The most recent statistics are reported from the Maryland Department of Human Resources for Fiscal Year 2007 (July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007) stating that a total of 1,440 adults and children were sheltered in Frederick County during the year representing 68,287 bed nights. A total of 805 individuals were not served primarily due to the lack of available beds.

Since 1988 Advocates for Homeless Families (AFHF) has provided Transitional Housing to homeless families who desire to achieve stable and independent living. The organization also, through its Families Forward Program, serves families who are at-risk of becoming homeless and supports them in maintaining their self-sustainability and improving their standard of living. Both programs provide families individualized case management and weekly Life Skills Workshops.

Annually AFHF provides housing and support services to an average of 90 - 100 adults and children representing 13,505 bed nights. AFHF family graduates, after one year of completing their program, have remained in stable housing and are either employed full-time and/or pursuing educational goals.

Serving Frederick County for 28 Years       216 Abrecht Place, Frederick 21701       Tel. 301.662.2003